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Announcement: Mutalyzer goes Open Source

Mutalyzer 2.0.beta-31
released on 27 Mar 2014

HGVS nomenclature version 2.0

Web services

Most Mutalyzer functionality is programmatically available through two interfaces: a SOAP web service and a HTTP/RPC+JSON web service.

SOAP web service

A WSDL description is available for easy generation of client programs in many languages. See the annotated API for detailed documentation.

The following are some example client programs for SOAP web service. They use the checkSyntax method to determine if a variant description adheres to the HGVS format. Here is an example that could be used for text mining on a sample input file.

HTTP/RPC+JSON web service

The HTTP/RPC+JSON web service is experimental and currently undocumented. It can be called using HTTP GET requests on https://mutalyzer.nl/json/method?param=value where method is the name of the method to be called and method parameters are expected as param=value query string parameters. Responses are JSON-encoded.

Example: checkSyntax?variant=AB026906.1:c.274del

For now, you can work from this example using the above mentioned annotated SOAP API, since the HTTP/RPC+JSON web service mirrors the functionality of the SOAP web service.
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