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Name Checker

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Examples: AB026906.1:c.40_42del, NG_012337.1(SDHD_v001):c.274G>T, LRG_24t1:c.159dup

Intronic position given for a non-genomic reference sequence. Tip: make use of a genomic reference sequence, e.g., NC_000011.9(NM_003904.3).

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Exon information

Number Start (g.) Stop (g.) Start (c.) Stop (c.)
1 34 1413 1 1380

CDS information

g. c.
Start 34 1
Stop 1413 1380


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Name ID Locus tag Product Link method
ZPR1_v001 NM_003904.3 construction
ZPR1_i001 NP_003895.1 zinc finger protein ZPR1 construction

Link methods priorities order: protein (NCBI), locus tag, product tag, exhaustion, and construction.